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Support to ECCC

The home was started on 10th Mai 2003 with 6 children of which 2 boys and 4 girls. The home has capacity for 16 children, but we wanted to start carefully. Within Desember 2003 we had expanded with another 6 children reaching a number of 12 children. As stated by the accounts the cost per child is in a scale of about 250 kr per child month . 

Operational costs covers local costs in Tanzania fully and includes salaries to the operating staff. The work in Norway is on volontary basis and only direct costs to the home page and bank transfers to Tanzania will be charged for. 

If you want to support ECCC, either with a single donation, or through monthly donations then the children will need it deeply and they are so greateful.

To support you may only transfer an amount to ECCC's bank account
1604.06.31112" by DnBNOR. If you rather would like a sponsor agreement with a fixed contribution to a specific child, then we may arrange this for you as a special agreement.  

If you have questions with this initiative please do not hesitate to contact us either on e-mail or by cellular phone :

Einar Sofienlund: einar(at)sofienlund.org 

Else Karine Stangeland: 48 10 51 26

Eva Undrum .............:  91 80 06 58

Alvhilde Philskog........:  91 79 88 31


Støttegruppen for Emma's Children Care Center - barnehjem for foreldreløse i Tanzania