Skrevet : 24.des-2013
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3.1.1 - Presentasjon av barna

Child 36 

Name of child  -           Zamda Mohamed Ligoma

Date of birth -                         . June 2009

Name of father                      Mohamed Liguma, d 2012

Name of mother -                  Caty, died 2012

Cause of death -                    Aids

Guardian name:   Mwajuma Hatibu (Aunt), 

Zamda’s mother was from Iringa, she came to Ruaha as a young girl to work as a waiter in a bar when she met a young man. They did not marry, but she got pregnant and had to go back to Iringa to her mother to give birth. She got sick after the baby was born, but went back to Ruaha to show the baby to the baby’s father and his family. He was not happy to see the baby because he was sick also. Zamda’s mother went to her mother again, but died of HIV in 2012, in the same year the father also died.

Zamda stayed with her grandmother in Iringa, but the grandmother decided she could not take care of the little girl and sent her to her father’s family in Ruaha. There was no one in that family who wanted to take care of the girl, there was no close relatives, so there was nobody to give her food or clothes. She did not know who she lived with, when other people in the village asked her where she belonged and where she lived, she did not know. The house she was dropped in the first day she arrived was closed the next day. So the village people contacted Emma, and now she is happy, and says thanks a lot. Now she feels very comfortable, she mixed with the other children at once and is not shy at all. She will start school soon.


Støttegruppen for Emma's Children Care Center - barnehjem for foreldreløse i Tanzania